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About us

Enjoy the whole of Osaka!

Osaka has many leisure spots such as Universal Studios Japan, Tsutenkaku Tower, and Kaiyukan. You can also enjoy shopping in the Minami and Kita shopping districts.

MARUYA is easily accessible from Osaka City. There are also many fun spots around MARUYA!



Features of MARUYA

Image by VOO QQQ

Close to train station and airport. Convenient location to Osaka city.

After all, Kansai International Airport is close by. It is a little difficult to move from place to place with large luggage. That's why MARUYA is so convenient!

You can put your luggage down at MARUYA and have a rest. After planning the trip, let's go!

And as the station is so close, it's easy to get to popular destinations like Kyoto and Nara!


Don't have to care what time you check in!

Our hotel uses an unattended check-in system, so you can check in any time after 3:00 p.m.

Simply enter the check-in code provided in advance and your room key number will be displayed.

There is no face-to-face front desk, so non-contact check-in and check-out is quicker and more hygienic.


Hand-made soba
MARUYA Restaurant

MARUYA Restaurant is closed.

Very sorry.

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